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1944 - Captain America Serial - #13 Skyscraper Plunge
Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and..
Dick Purcell Lorna Gray
2011 - Star Trek Odyssey: S.3.E.1 Tossed Upon the Shore
In the exciting 2 hour series final of both Star Trek: Odyssey and The Helena Chronicles, both crews must fight to ..
Brandon McConnell Michelle Laurent
1966 - The Green Hornet E.6 Eat, Drink, and Be Dead
Bombs dropped from an insect-like helicopter obliterate 2 hoods in a sedan. Britt is after the bootlegging operatio..
Van Williams Bruce Lee
1992 - MST3000 S.4 E.10 Hercules Against the Moon Men
Joel and the Bots have another outing with Hercules in Maciste e la regina di Samar. This time Hercules faces off w..
Trace Beaulieu Joel Hodgson
2002 - Weirdsister College: Good Friends S.1.E.10
As part of an ancient ritual all first year students have to donate a much loved item and Milly is forced to donate..
Georgina Sherrington Felicity Jones
2004 - The Collector: The Actuary S.1.E.6
In a suspicious series of coincidences, Morgan comes into contact with his newest client, a statistician who has be..
Chris Kramer Carly Pope
1967 - The Invaders: Summit Meeting: Part I S.2.E.9
Industrialist Michael Tressider all but kidnaps David from a job site. Tressider has learned of an upcoming summit ..
Roy Thinnes William Windom
1966 - The Lucy Show: Lucy and Carol in Palm Springs S.5 E.8
Lucy calls in sick so she can join her roommate at a Palm Springs result. Unfortunately, her boss, Mr. Mooney, is s..
Lucille Ball Gale Gordon
1967 - The Invaders: Condition: Red S.2.E.1
Major Dan Keller works for NORAD, at the computer control section. There he programs complex machinery that watches..
Roy Thinnes Antoinette Bower
1986 - Highway to Heaven: Love at Second Sight S3.E.6
Jonathan and Mark are on their way to their next assignment and meet another angel, Ted, whom Jonathan knows, and t..
Michael Landon Victor French
2003 - The Worst Witch: The Golden Cauldron S.4.E.9
The students celebrate the founders day of the College. The witches take on the wizards at the Agony games. Who wil..
Kate Duchene Emma Brown
1967 - The Invaders: Labyrinth S.2.E.12
David manages to subdue an alien, and takes him to a doctor. The X-Rays reveal an internal structure unlike anythin..
Roy Thinnes Sally Kellerman
1990 - Dear John: The Blunder Years S.3 E.8
John seeks a reunion with famous adventure author Jessica Stone, whom he recalls in flashbacks as the great love of..
Judd Hirsch Jere Burns
2010 - Skins: Thomas (Subs)
During Thomas's club night a girl called Sophia,high on drugs,jumps from the roof to her death. Thomas suspects Coo..
Jack O'Connell Luke Pasqualino
1989 - E.N.G.: Forests of the Night S.1 E.4
After Jake's son is attacked by a gang called the Tigers, Terri attempts to get the gang leader to share what he's ..
Sara Botsford Mark Humphrey
1986 - Mr. Belvedere: Deportation: Part 1 S.3 E.6
After Mr. Belvedere tells George and Marsha that Wesley cheated on his history test, just so that he could easily g..
Christopher Hewett Ilene Graff
1995 - Highlander: Reunion S.4 E.6
Kenny, the Immortal in a child's body, has returned. He runs to Anne for help when Immortal Terence Kincaid is afte..
Adrian Paul Stan Kirsch
2007 - Skins: Effy
Things get dark as Tony's silent little sister, Effy, goes missing. Desperate to find Effy, can Tony rely on any of..
Nicholas Hoult Joe Dempsie
2008 - Swingtown: Go Your Own Way S.1.E.5
Susan and Janet throw a Tupperware party, but on the other side of the road Trina Decker is preparing a more titill..
Molly Parker Jack Davenport
2013 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team: Pressure to Perform
Training camp begins at the Cowboys famous training facility, Valley Ranch. First Meeting is filled with excitement..
Kelli Finglass Judy Trammell
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