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1997 - Spellbinder: Land of the Dragon Lord: S.1.E.8 Sun Becomes a Star
Kathy and Sun go in search of the boat after it is taken. Carl and Vicky search for their missing children. Josh is..
Lauren Hewett Ryan Kwanten
1967 - The Green Hornet E.16 The Hornet and the Firefly
The Green Hornet and Kato try to stop an arsonist who is terrorizing the city...
Van Williams Bruce Lee
1966 - The Rat Patrol: S.1.E.13 The Lighthouse Raid
The Rat Patrol must use a lighthouse behind enemy lines to arrange for the transport of a liberated French general-..
Christopher George Gary Raymond
1999 - Malibu CA: Aloha! S.2.E.3
The Lighthouse is losing business to another restaurant, the Aloha, and Peter can't figure out why, since their foo..
Trevor Merszei Jason Hayes
1966 - The Lucy Show: Lucy and the Ring-a-Ding Ring S.5 E.5
Lucy tries on an expensive ring Mr. Mooney had made for his wife, it looks like the bank manager won't be able to g..
Lucille Ball Gale Gordon
1976 - Mary Tyler Moore: Menage-a-Lou S.6 E.19
Lou sees his old girlfriend, Charlene, off in the distance. Seeing her brings up old feelings in Lou, who wants to ..
Mary Tyler Moore Edward Asner
1985 - Mr. Belvedere: Pinball S.2.E.10
George buys a pinball machine to recapture memories from his youth but quickly tires of it. However, Mr. Belvedere ..
Christopher Hewett Ilene Graff
1989 - Birds of a Feather: Shift S.1.E.3
Whilst Sharon revels in the joys of moving up in the world and joining Dorien to sell clothes, a depressed Tracey f..
Pauline Quirke Linda Robson
1984 - Highway to Heaven: Help Wanted: Angel S.1.E.10
An advertisement brings Jonathan and Mark to a neighborhood where an elderly scriptwriter needs an angel to bankrol..
Michael Landon Victor French
1996 - Ellen: Give Me Equity or Give Me Death S.4.E.1
Ellen is approached by Tom and Larry, two hippie businessmen who want to buy her bookstore. But Ellen refuses to se..
Ellen DeGeneres Joely Fisher
1978 - James at 15: Unrequited Love... Twice S.1.E.9
In a story about chasing unattainable romance, James is stuck in the middle. A friend of his little sister has a cr..
Lance Kerwin Linden Chiles
1997 - Ellen: Alone Again... Naturally S.4.E.13
Ellen decides to go out more as part of her New Year's Resolution. However Ellen's plans for a solo grand dinner at..
Ellen DeGeneres Joely Fisher
1998 - Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: Honey, She's Like a Fish Out of Water S.2.E.2
Invention of the week: Swim Fish Cream (Swimming Enhancer is on computer screen) Amy cant swim, but when the most p..
Peter Scolari Barbara Alyn Woods
1986 - Mr. Belvedere: Speechless S.2 E.12
An organization called the Happy Guys of Pittsburg honor George as their Man of the Year. They tell George he has t..
Christopher Hewett Ilene Graff
1989 - Highway to Heaven: The Silent Bell S.5.E.4
When the church decrees that religion be taught in his preschool, a minister faces a crisis of conscience and an ex..
Michael Landon Victor French
2003 - The Handler: Bruno Comes Back S.1.E.3
Artie, Joe's friend, comes back into town, and offers Joe a business proposition. His plan is to dig a tunnel from ..
Joe Pantoliano Hill Harper
2003 - The Handler: Body of Evidence S.1.E.4
Joe and Lola use a dead body to weave a net for a known killer in order to find where he's buried the bodies Darnel..
Joe Pantoliano Anna Belknap
1989 - E.N.G.: Special Segment S.1 E.3
Channel 10 tries to fill a Special Segment. Mike's daughter, Carrie, drops by unexpectedly...
Sara Botsford Mark Humphrey
1974 - Mary Tyler Moore: I Love a Piano S.5 E.6
Mary is hosting a party to celebrate her 1,000th show. Ted and Georgette bring along their friend, Judith Chandler,..
Mary Tyler Moore Edward Asner
1986 - Mr. Belvedere: Reunion S.3 E.8
George and Marsha have conflicting events. George has a high school reunion and Marsha has a convention in Atlantic..
Christopher Hewett Ilene Graff
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