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1949 - The Lone Ranger: Tenderfoot S.4 E.12
The Lone Ranger and Tonto come across dead cattle and a poisoned water hole on a ranch. They suspect they have stum..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1949 - The Lone Ranger: One Nation, Indivisible S.4 E.52
Two brothers, working their way west after they lose their farm because of the Civil War, encounter the Lone Ranger..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1949 - The Lone Ranger: The Lone Ranger's Triumph S.1 E.3
The Lone Ranger still on the trail of Butch Cavendish and his gang sends Tonto to the town of Colby to organize a p..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1998 - The Worst Witch: Animal Magic S.2.E.6
It's the start of the summer term and there's a blizzard raging outside Cackle's Academy. The girls are all despera..
Georgina Sherrington Emma Brown
2001 - Weirdsister College: The End of Miserys S.1.E.4
Money worries abound and all the students are in trouble as the college tries to fund a new time-traveling project...
Georgina Sherrington Felicity Jones
2002 - She Spies: S.1.E.1 First Episode
In their first assignment, Cassie, Shane and D.D. must protect a former Presidential Candidate and possible new tal..
Natasha Henstridge Kristen Miller
2002 - Weirdsister College: The Whisperer S.1.E.12
With the help of Hobbs Starfinder has created the Accumulator - A machine which captures and stores negative magica..
Georgina Sherrington Felicity Jones
2008 - Skins: Sid
A visit from Sid's grandfather causes chaos for both him and his dad. His overbearing grandfather is still under th..
Nicholas Hoult Joe Dempsie
1999 - Big Wolf on Campus S.1 E.1 Pilot
Every year, Tommy Dawkins and his friends go down on a camping trip to the lake to celebrate their last weekend of ..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
2003 - The Worst Witch: The All-Seeing Eye S.4 E.1
The new theme music sounds like something from Tales From The Crypt more than it does Worst Witch, but it's kind of..
Kate Duchene Emma Brown
2003 - The Worst Witch: Never on Friday S.4 E.2
The Ethel I know doesn't like Mildred at all, but, aparantly that won't stop her from jabbering on and on and on ab..
Kate Duchene Emma Brown
2008 - Swingtown: Cabin Fever S.1.E.4
When the Thompsons cancel on the Millers at last minute, the Deckers join them on a weekend trip instead. When the ..
Molly Parker Jack Davenport
1997 - Highlander: Sins of the Father S.6 E.3
Immortal Alex couldn't keep the Nazis from killing her Jewish love, so she aids his son in righting a wrong done to..
Dean Cook Charles Daish
1990 - Birds of a Feather: Young Guns S.2.E.3
Garth brings home a handsome friend, Richard, to stay. They seem very keen to do things together and Tracey gets it..
Pauline Quirke Linda Robson
1954 - The Lone Ranger: Message to Fort Apache S.4.E.3
The Lone Ranger gets involved in trying to break up a gang that is selling guns to Indians around Fort Apache. The ..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1990 - Ferris Bueller: Pilot S.1.E.1
The first day of Ferris Bueller's junior year begins at Ocean Bay High School. He has some old issues to deal with ..
Charlie Schlatter Richard Riehle
1990 - Birds of a Feather: You Pays Yer Money S.2.E.8
In the run-up to the local by-election Sharon discovers that she is not eligible to vote in Chigwell so she buys Da..
Pauline Quirke Linda Robson
1979 - The Amazing Spider-man S.2 E.6: Wolfpack
When a greedy Sorgenson Chemical representative learns that University students have developed a mind control gas, ..
Nicholas Hammond Michael Pataki
1979 - The Amazing Spider-man S.2 E.7: The Chinese Web (2 hour special)
An old college friend of Mr. Jameson fleeing China to live with his Chinese-American daughter because the Chinese g..
Nicholas Hammond Michael Pataki
1989 - Tales from the Crypt: S.1.E.2 And All Through the House
A greedy woman makes the mistake of murdering her husband while an escaped mental patient dressed in a Santa Claus ..
John Kassir Mary Ellen Trainor
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