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1944 - Captain America Serial - #14 The Scarab Strikes
Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and..
Dick Purcell Lorna Gray
1979 - The Amazing Spider-man S.2 E.5: Photo Finish
While doing a story on a rare coin collection, the coins are stolen in a robbery with one of the thieves wearing a ..
Nicholas Hammond Michael Pataki
1966 - The Green Hornet E.8 Beautiful Dreamer: Part 2
After Eden tried to have Britt killed by brainwashing Casey, Britt as the Green Hornet goes to Eden and tells him t..
Van Williams Bruce Lee
1988 - Dear John: S.1.E.7 Politics as Usual
The One-Two-One Club endorses Elenor for political office...
Judd Hirsch Jere Burns
1997 - MST3000: Overdrawn at the Memory Bank S.9 E.22
Raul Julia is sentenced to a mandatory cyber vacation and gets trapped in it when things go wrong, like usual. On b..
Kevin Murphy Jim Mallon
1954 - The Lone Ranger: Colorado Gold S.4.E.14
The Lone Ranger receives a letter from an old friend explaining her son is coming out to look at a goldmine that re..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1992 - Are You Afraid of the Dark?: The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice S.1.E.9
Dean, a troubled student, awakens an ancient secret hidden in the school...
Mathew Mackay Staci Smith
1983 - The Fall Guy: Happy Trails S.2.E.11
Colt is working on a project with Roy Rogers. Now Colt sends Howie to get a car that they can use for s stunt they'..
Lee Majors Douglas Barr
1990 - Birds of a Feather: Thirty Something S.2.E.10
As she approaches thirty Sharon feels she has wasted her life and wants to do something positive. She considers buy..
Pauline Quirke Linda Robson
1989 - Highway to Heaven: Summer Camp S.5.E.10
After suffering major body burns in a freak accident, a top fashion model and actress tried to hide away both from ..
Michael Landon Victor French
1955 - The Lone Ranger: Jornada Del Muerto S.4.E.27
The Lone Ranger come across a scout wounded and dying from an Indian attack. Before he dies he tells the Lone Range..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1954 - The Lone Ranger: Rendezvous at Whipsaw S.4.E.10
Tonto, while riding into the town of Whipsaw encounters a someone trying to kill Mrs Mac, star witness in an up com..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1938 - Dick Tracy Returns: The Runway of Death
Pa Stark and his five criminal sons are holding America in a grip of terror. It is up to Dick Tracy and his G-Men t..
Ralph Byrd Lynne Roberts
1997 - Highlander: Sins of the Father S.6 E.3
Immortal Alex couldn't keep the Nazis from killing her Jewish love, so she aids his son in righting a wrong done to..
Dean Cook Charles Daish
1975 - Isis: The Outsider S.1 E.10
Wayne is a new student at school who is described by the other students as a hillbilly. Some boys who do not like W..
JoAnna Cameron Brian Cutler
2005 - Sugar Rush: Coming Out...Not S.1.E.6
Nathan is now so bitter that Stella's well-deserved 'birthday present' consists in her belongings, delivered in box..
Olivia Hallinan Lenora Crichlow
2004 - Hope & Faith: 9021-Uh-Oh S.2.E.10
Thanksgiving day brings up memories of ten years ago, when Faith hosts a holiday dinner at her Hollywood apartment...
Faith Ford Kelly Ripa
1967 - The Invaders: The Enemy S.2.E.5
An alien saucer crashes in the Utah foothills. Reports of its fiery demise draw David Vincent, even after flyovers ..
Roy Thinnes Barbara Barrie
1997 - Caroline in the City: Caroline and the Buyer S.2.E.19
Annie's mother is driving her crazy. Caroline finds out that some stores are no longer stocking her cards. Del work..
Lea Thompson Eric Lutes
1984 - Highway to Heaven: A Divine Madness S.1.E.8
A construction magnate now convinced he is King Arthur is in danger of being declared incompetent by his estranged ..
Michael Landon Victor French
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