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1944 - Captain America Serial - #11 The Dead Man Returns
Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and..
Dick Purcell Lorna Gray
1978 - The Amazing Spider-man S.2 E. 1: The Captive Tower
Thieves steal ten million dollars from a new high-tech security building and uses its computers to trap the people ..
Nicholas Hammond Michael Pataki
1984 - Hunter: S.1.E.1 Pilot
This was the pilot to the long running series, about a cop, Rick Hunter, who has two things going against him. The ..
Fred Dryer Stepfanie Kramer
2001 - Weirdsister College: The All-Seeing Eye S.1.E.1
Mildred Hubble is now at Weirdsister College. To her dismay she finds her new roommate is none other then Ethel Hal..
Georgina Sherrington Felicity Jones
1974 - Mary Tyler Moore: I Love a Piano S.5 E.6
Mary is hosting a party to celebrate her 1,000th show. Ted and Georgette bring along their friend, Judith Chandler,..
Mary Tyler Moore Edward Asner
1975 - Mary Tyler Moore: Mary Moves Out S.6.E.2
After receiving a letter from Phyllis in San Francisco telling of her new life, Mary feels like she's in a predicta..
Mary Tyler Moore Edward Asner
1962 - The Beverly Hillbillies: The Clampetts Strike Oil S.1.E.1
Jed Clampett is told by a representative of an oil company that the swamp behind his shack is full of oil. (The oil..
Buddy Ebsen Irene Ryan
1997 - Highlander: The Valkyrie S.5 E.11
In flashback, Duncan and Immortal Ingrid tackle the Nazis in 1935 Germany. In modern day, Ingrid has assassinated a..
Dean Balkwill Jim Byrnes
1975 - Mary Tyler Moore: Marriage Minneapolis Style S.5 E.20
Murray and Marie hold a 20th wedding anniversary party, which includes a multitude of their friends in attendance. ..
Mary Tyler Moore Edward Asner
1966 - The Lucy Show: Lucy and the Submarine S.5 E.2
Mr. Mooney leaves the office for two weeks of training in the Naval Reserve, but forgets to sign some important pap..
Lucille Ball Gale Gordon
1987 - Werewolf E.2 Nightwatch
Eric catches up with Skorzeny at the docks. He finds a gun and has silver bullets made, then lies in wait in Skorze..
John J. York Lance LeGault
1940 - The Green Hornet (1940) E.7 Bridge of Disaster
A newspaper publisher and his Korean servant fight crime as vigilantes who pose as a notorious masked gangster and ..
Gordon Jones Wade Boteler
1992 - Tales from the Crypt: S.4.E.5 Beauty Rest
Life hasn't been easy for model Helen. She is getting older and her dreams of hitting the big time are drying out. ..
Mimi Rogers Jennifer Rubin
1977 - The Amazing Spider-Man S.1 E.4: Night of the Clones
Peter goes and takes photos of a scientist who has perfected the art of cloning, cloning a frog...
Nicholas Hammond Morgan Fairchild
1975 - Space 1999: S.1.E.8 Dragon's Domain
Discredited eagle pilot Tony Cellini is beset by recurring nightmares in which he was the only survivor of disastro..
Martin Landau Barbara Bain
1996 - Baywatch: S.7.E.8 Let the Games Begin
When it's known that the Uncle Toby's International Ironman series is coming to Baywatch, Mitch, Cody, Newman and t..
David Hasselhoff Pamela Anderson
1988 - Dear John: S.1.E.2 Ralph's Curse
At an enormous party at the One-Two-One Club, John and Kate only want to hang out with a depressed Ralph...
Judd Hirsch Jere Burns
1982 - Silver Spoons S.1 E.5 Takin' a Chance on Love
Ricky gets his first taste of puppy love when a new girl transfers to his school. Ricky probes Edward about his tru..
Ricky Schroder Erin Gray
1940 - The Green Hornet (1940) E.10 Bullets and Ballots
A newspaper publisher and his Korean servant fight crime as vigilantes who pose as a notorious masked gangster and ..
Gordon Jones Wade Boteler
1979 - Tales of the Unexpected: Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat S.1.E.2
Unable to show her dentist husband Cyril the fur coat her lover has given her Mrs. Bixby pawns it and pretends that..
Roald Dahl Julie Harris
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