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1960 - Bonanza: S.2.E.12 The Savage
Adam rides up on some Indians wanting to harm a white woman they believed was a mountain spirit. He kills them but ..
Lorne Greene Pernell Roberts
1984 - Highway to Heaven: Another Song for Christmas S.1.E.13
Jonathan and Mark become involved in their own version of Dickens' classic Christmas Carol ... only their Scrooge i..
Michael Landon Victor French
2011 - Primeval: Season 4 Episode 6
Doglike Hyenadons come through an anomaly in the basement of a stately home and when the team go to investigate the..
Ciaran McMenamin Andrew Lee Potts
1982 - Silver Spoons S.1 E.1 Pilot
Edward Stratton III is a toy company magnate who is still a child at heart his giant Long Island estate is decorate..
Ricky Schroder Erin Gray
1997 - Spellbinder S.1 E.13 The Final Challenge
Captured by the Summoner, Paul must convince Riana's mother to help him escape before Ashka arrives. Alex and Katri..
Judy Morris Zbych Trofimiuk
1982 - Silver Spoons S.1 E.7 The Great Computer Caper
Ricky's expertise in computers attracts the attention of Arnold Jackson (from Diff'rent Strokes), school reporter a..
Ricky Schroder Erin Gray
2013 - LazyTown: Chef Rottenfood S.3.E.10
Mayor Meanswell wants to cook a healthy meal for his friend Ms. Busybody, but he just cant seem to get it right. Lu..
Chloe Lang Magnus Scheving
1994 - California Dreams: The Long Goodbye S.3.E.6
Sly is devastated when Allison tells him that she's moving away to attend a special school, and he deals with his h..
Kelly Packard Michael Cade
1974 - All in the Family: Gloria's Boyfriend S.4 E.19
Gloria's friend George takes a break from his job at the grocery store to help Gloria home with the groceries. Arch..
Carroll O'Connor Jean Stapleton
1994 - Highlander: Counterfeit S.2 E.21&22
Horton, an old mortal enemy, puts a criminal through plastic surgery to make her look like Tessa. False Tessa sets..
Adrian Paul Stan Kirsch
2002 - Big Wolf on Campus: What's the Story, Mourning Corey S.3 E.19
Corey Feldman, a famous actor, comes to Pleasantville, and is displeased when he finds that his friend, Corey Haim,..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
1975 - All in the Family: Birth of the Baby: Part 1 S.6 E.14
Archie is a nervous wreck because he wants to back out of the annual minstrel show at the lodge, which he has succe..
Carroll O'Connor Jean Stapleton
2004 - Ace Lightning: The Game's On S.2 E.2
Lord Fear's army continues to grow with the addition of Anvil, courtesy of Lady Illusion (disguised as Felicity Fur..
Thomas Wansey Marc Minardi
2004 - The Collector: The Actuary S.1.E.6
In a suspicious series of coincidences, Morgan comes into contact with his newest client, a statistician who has be..
Chris Kramer Carly Pope
2005 - Ultimate Force: Deadlier Than the Male
Terrorists take a passenger plane to Hong Kong hostage and three new members join Red Troop...
Ross Kemp Miles Anderson
1974 - Spidey Super Stories - A Night at the Movies
Count Dracula plans to bite the neck of an unsuspecting movie-goer. Spidey is able to foil Dracula's plans...
Morgan Freeman Judy Graubart
1996 - Boston Common S.1 E.9 Everybody's Stalking
Wyleen gets hooked on fat-free cookies. Leonard wins free groceries and the ensuing publicity photo gets him a disc..
Tasha Smith Steve Paymer
1987 - Werewolf E.14 All Hallow's Eve
On Halloween, Eric meets a disfigured man who hides himself in an old allegedly haunted' house were Eric has taken ..
Jim Calvert Holly Clark
1996 - Masked Rider E.40 Detention
Count Dregon sends Maggots to implant the Brain Mite in Dex's mind. It will stab the Masked Rider's brain and take ..
Ted Jan Roberts Rheannon Slover
1999 - Big Wolf on Campus S.1 E.1 Pilot
Every year, Tommy Dawkins and his friends go down on a camping trip to the lake to celebrate their last weekend of ..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
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