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1941 - Adventures of Captain Marvel: Lens of Death Ch.6
On a scientific expedition to Siam young Billy Batson is given the ability to change himself into the super-powered..
Tom Tyler Frank Coghlan Jr.
1977 - The Amazing Spider-Man (Pilot)
When an extortionist threatens to force a multi-suicide unless a huge ransom is paid, only Peter Parker can stop hi..
Nicholas Hammond David White
1944 - Captain America Serial - #8 Cremation in the Clouds
Superhero Captain America battles the evil forces of the archvillain called The Scarab, who poisons his enemies and..
Dick Purcell Lorna Gray
1954 - The Lone Ranger: Rendezvous at Whipsaw S.4.E.10
Tonto, while riding into the town of Whipsaw encounters a someone trying to kill Mrs Mac, star witness in an up com..
Clayton Moore Jay Silverheels
1974 - Mary Tyler Moore: I Love a Piano S.5 E.6
Mary is hosting a party to celebrate her 1,000th show. Ted and Georgette bring along their friend, Judith Chandler,..
Mary Tyler Moore Edward Asner
1992 - Birds of a Feather: Breadwinner S.4 E.1
Despite its shaky start, Sharon's caf is now thriving and she can even afford to take on an assistant, the super-ef..
Pauline Quirke Linda Robson
2003 - The Worst Witch: Dr. Foster, I Presume! S.4.E.7
Dr. Starfinder is working on a machine to get around the Fosters effect little does he know that Foster comes to hi..
Kate Duchene Emma Brown
2013 - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team: Game Day
This is it, a last chance, as the girls finally learn their fate. Dreams start coming true as the girls pose for Sq..
Kelli Finglass Judy Trammell
1995 - Baywatch Nights: S.1.E.3 Silent Witness
A strange woman asks Mitch and Garner to help to seek out her daughter who has accidentally becomes the only witnes..
David Hasselhoff Gregory Alan Williams
1996 - Baywatch Nights: S.1.E.12 Thin Blood
Ryan's younger sister, Charlie, arrives in town for a visit, but who is unknowingly followed by some gangsters who ..
David Hasselhoff Gregory Alan Williams
1975 - Spidey Super Stories - Spidey Meets the Prankster
Spidey is visiting the Short Circus when several practical jokes occur. Spidey eventually links them to Principal P..
Jim Boyd
1966 - The Rat Patrol: S.1.E.12 The Gun Runner Raid
The Rat Patrol is captured by arms dealer-an American deserter who resents the impact their raids have upon his bus..
Christopher George Gary Raymond
2009 - Star Trek Odyssey: S.2.E.3 For All Time
Season 2 draws to a close with Ro Nevin being called by the mysterious Great Ones of the Archein people. Seram move..
Brandon McConnell Michelle Laurent
1966 - The Green Hornet E.6 Eat, Drink, and Be Dead
Bombs dropped from an insect-like helicopter obliterate 2 hoods in a sedan. Britt is after the bootlegging operatio..
Van Williams Bruce Lee
1940 - The Green Hornet (1940) E.5 The Time Bomb
A newspaper publisher and his Korean servant fight crime as vigilantes who pose as a notorious masked gangster and ..
Gordon Jones Wade Boteler
1940 - The Green Hornet (1940) E.7 Bridge of Disaster
A newspaper publisher and his Korean servant fight crime as vigilantes who pose as a notorious masked gangster and ..
Gordon Jones Wade Boteler
1996 - Boston Common S.1 E.6 Virginia Reeling
Leonard confesses to having a dream about Liz and is nervous about making another date. Boyd plans a group outing f..
Tasha Smith Steve Paymer
1989 - Dear John: S.1.E.10 Honest John
In order to get Matthew into catholic school, Wendy must try to convince John that they have a happy and perfect ma..
Judd Hirsch Jere Burns
1999 - Big Wolf on Campus S.1 E.1 Pilot
Every year, Tommy Dawkins and his friends go down on a camping trip to the lake to celebrate their last weekend of ..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
1999 - Big Wolf on Campus S.1 E.4 Cat Woman
As Hugo finds a strange cat in the building at night, Tommy is hit with shocking news the next day. Stacey tells hi..
Brandon Quinn Danny Smith
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