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Trending Cartoons
1985 - She-Ra: Princess of Power S.1 E.42 Enemy with My Face
Shadow Weaver creates a Melog from a swamp and has it fight She-Ra, causing it to take on the powers and appearance..
Melendy Britt George DiCenzo
2008 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.5 E.4 More Worlds Than One
The Acolytes train more intensely, grasping their inner strength to unleash powers they haven't seen before. Leonar..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
2004 - Beyblade: S.3 E.18 Beyblade Like An Egyptian
The Barthez Battalion members must decide whether or not to cheat in their upcoming match against the Blitzkreig Bo..
William Colgate Marlowe Gardiner-Heslin
2010 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.7 E.14 Mayhem from Mutant Island
During a night of showing off their extreme sports gear, the Turtles are attacked by a monster from beneath the Ear..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
1985 - Star Wars Droids E.11 The Roon Games
Mungo and the droids are shot down in their stolen Cloudcar over the planet Roon by Koong's drone pilots. The plane..
Anthony Daniels Jan Austin
1989 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Great Boldini S.3 E.38
The Turtles, Zach and his friend Caitlin visit the Museum where a magician, the Great Boldini, intends to make a va..
Cam Clarke Townsend Coleman
2002 - Mucha Lucha S.1 E.7 Tooth or Dare/The Mask Mitzvah
Dr. Smilytooth is missing and it's up to The Mascaritas to save the day. Then Rikochet takes a test to be a adult ..
Carlos Alazraqui Kimberly Brooks
2006 - Dragon Hunters: The Return of Roger S.1.E.14
When Jennyline's ex-husband, whom everyone believed was gone for good, suddenly reappears, Gwizdo, suspicious of th..
Annie Bovaird Harry Standjofski
1989 - Gundam 0080: Say it Ain't So, Bernie! Ep.5
A Zeon commander decides to attack the Libot colony with nuclear weapons...
Wendee Lee Steven Jay Blum
1995 - Mega Man: Mega X S.2 E.13
The future starts becoming troublesome for the present. Mega Man and Roll are up against a dangerous time traveler ..
Ian James Corlett Robyn Ross
1995 - Dr. Katz: Cholesterol S.1 E.4
Dr. Katz is informed by his doctor that his chances are good for having a massive heart attack. He strives to get i..
Jonathan Katz H. Jon Benjamin
1996 - The Tick: Grandpa Wore Tights S.2 E.13
The Tick and Arthur visit a home for retired superheroes, and hear the story of the Desire-O-Vac. Arthur doesn't be..
Townsend Coleman Jess Harnell
2003 - Mouse: Stealing Temptation: Mouse in Cyberland S.1.E.6
Mouse investigates the world of cyberspace as he attempts to rescue Hazuki...
Kappei Yamaguchi Mai Nakahara
1996 - Dr. Katz: Bees and SIDS S.2 E.5
Ben gets into Dr. Katz's medical books and convinces himself he has all sorts of medical illnesses including, of al..
Jonathan Katz H. Jon Benjamin
1985 - Adventures of the Gummi Bears: Can I Keep Him? S.1 E.3b
Zummi gives Cubbi a whistle from his old treasure chest while Sunni is having trouble babysitting Cubbi. The whistl..
June Foray Christian Jacobs
1997 - Dr. Katz: Mourning Person S.3 E.8
Dr. Katz is asked to give a funeral speech for his deceased aunt Estelle. However, Katz gets the giggles beforehand..
Jonathan Katz H. Jon Benjamin
1991 - The New Adventures of He-Man: The Nemesis Within E.41
Skeletor is able to create a double of He-Man, which is angry and aggressive in contrast to the real He-Man and rep..
Don Brown Garry Chalk
1992 - Eek! the Cat: HawaiiEek 5-0 S.1 E.7
Annabelle invites Eek to a pool party. Unfortunately she falls in and sinks to the bottom. Eek calls in the help of..
Bill Kopp Elizabeth Daily
2013 - DC Nation Shorts: Thunder and Lightning #2 - Lightning Under the Weather E.74
While Black Lightning battles the Masters of Disaster and Volcano Man, Thunder has to get herself and Lightning rea..
Masasa Moyo Cree Summer
1987 - Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics: The Frog Prince S.1 E.3 & 4
This episode finishes the story of the Frog Prince...
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