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Trending Cartoons
2015 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars On the Wings of Keeradaks S.7.E.7
With Echo recovered, Rex, Bad Batch, and Anakin Skywalker look to fight their way out of a Separatist base..
Dee Bradley Baker Matt Lanter
1999 - Avengers - United They Stand: E.2 Avengers Assemble, Part 2
Wonder Man is put on life support and the Avengers must take over where he fell. Falcon joins the team and Vision i..
George Johnson Linda Ballantyne
2003 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.1 E.12 The Unconvincing Turtle Titan
Believing the Turtles can accomplish so much more for the city, and inspired by iconic superhero Silver Sentry, Mic..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
1985 - Star Wars Droids E.5 The Lost Prince
Artoo and Threepio lose their new jobs waiting tables at Doodnik's caf and end up part of a droid auction. Together..
Anthony Daniels Donny Burns
2006 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.6 E.4 Headlock Prime
When he sees an ad for a pro-wrestling tournament, a homesick Raph can't resist. Leo tags along at Splinter's sugge..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
2012 - New Teen Titans Shorts: Taped Before a Live Studio Audience E.7
Robin and Cyborg split their lives using duct tape...
Greg Cipes Scott Menville
2011 - DC's World's Funnest #1: Superkids
Superheroes and villains are reimagined with childlike personalities. The Joker does as many jumps and hops as he c..
1995 - Phantom 2040: A Boy and His Cat S.2 E.2
While testing his VR-controlled remote-control biot, Max gets trapped in his VR world as Rebecca hires an annoying ..
Scott Valentine Margot Kidder
2003 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.1 E.14 Notes from the Underground 2
After discovering an abandoned underground Foot Genetics Lab, and being attacked by once-human Digging Creatures, t..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
2003 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.1 E.6 Darkness on the Edge of Town
The Turtles, investigating a strange blackout, discover the Foot Ninja stealing a Japanese ceremonial sword from th..
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
2000 - Avengers - United They Stand: E.10 Egg-Streme Vengeance
Egghead initiates a plot to destroy his archrival Ant-Man by making his Pym particles go crazy...
George Johnson Linda Ballantyne
2005 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S.3 E.25 Exodus: Part 1
The Shredder prepares to leave the Earth and spread his plans of conquest and mass murder to other planets...
Michael Sinterniklaas Wayne Grayson
1998 - Transformers Beast Wars II E.4 Lake Trap
Tasmania Kid is spying on the Autorolllers when he spots a real Tasmanian devil. He gets the idea to imitate it and..
Hozumi Gda Tetsuo Komura
2002 - BeyBlade: S.1.E.12 Adios Bladebreakers
With his bitbeast gone, Ray loses all confidence and decides to leave the Bladebreakers. Can Tyson convince him to ..
Ted Cole Daniel DeSanto
2013 - Lego Marvel Maximum Overload - Obnoxious Mandarin! E.3
When The Mandarin attacks Tony Stark's Malibu mansion, Loki takes advantage of the situation to create his latest o..
Bumper Robinson Barry Dennen
2011 - Winx Club: The Museum of Magic S.3.E.18
This time Valtor is out to attack the museum and take from it a famous and powerful relic. The artifact is said to ..
Amy Gross Molly C. Quinn
2013 - DC Nation Shorts: Metal Men #2 Teacher's Pests E.114
Will Magnus tries to teach the Metal Men the Three Laws of Robotics...
Corey Burton Tom Kenny
1998 - Fancy Lala: My Sister's Boyfriend S.1.E.23
Taro went to Miho's house, as they were going to do homework together. Miho played the answering machine, and there..
Candice Moore Victor Atelevich
2013 - Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse: Sour Loser S.4 E.2
Chelsea opens an extraordinary lemonade stand and all of Malibu is standing in line!..
Charlie Bodin Laura Gerow
1994 - Conan and the Young Warriors: Isle of the Lost E.5
Sulinara is seeking a precious stone that has the power to transform people into mindless monsters...
Philip Maurice Hayes Mark Hildreth
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