The Love Boat: A Dress to Remember 1982
This story follows a dress and how it affects three people. First a model who's trying out a new diet program, who is suppose to wear it to show how much weight she lost and it's been designed to fit her after losing the weight. She's starving and she meets a guy who unknown to her is the former partner of the doctor whose diet she's following. He gets her to try his program which has her eating candy bars among other things. And a woman who sells flowers on the dock, freaks out because the daughter she hasn't seen for 20 years comes on board to see her. She tells the Captain that she told her that she a woman of means and asks him to tell her she's not on the ship. But the Captain tells her she is and tells the woman she's coming on the cruise and the Captain lets her wear the dress when she meets her daughter. And a guy whom Doc knows comes on board to try and win her back his wife, because she caught him in a compromising position and threw him out. When he learns that her father ...
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Rating: G Run Time: 50 Mins
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Gavin MacLeod Bernie Kopell Fred Grandy Ted Lange Jill Whelan
Lauren Tewes Bob Denver Brianne Leary Kelly Monteith Eleanor Parker
Video The Love Boat: A Dress to Remember
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