Lust and Desire In Vegas: High Stakes
Lachrymose Lesbians, perverted hillbillies, sex crazed hitch-hikers and a desert of greed and sin, these are all stars of Vegas High Stakes along with Vegas strippers Lust and Desire, beautiful and sensuous lesbian strippers. When the two accidentally witness mobsters rubbing out an Elvis impersonator behind on his gambling debts, their lives are thrown in to a tumultuous whirlwind of havoc and chaos. In fear of their lives, they hitchhike, beginning a roller-coaster ride of hair-raising action and steamy adventure that swerves and careens in to the Nevada desert and beyond. The desperate girls stumble into an eclectic family of rednecks, and they do all that they can to befriend these lonesome and horny hillbillies, hoping for refuge from the murderous thugs that are hot on their beautiful tails. What would you do if you witnessed a murder? Would you sleep with your best friend? Would you have lots of sex with strangers while hiding out in a trailer park? Can you really trust horny hitchhikers with your car? Is having sex in the woods the same as having sex in public? Are mullets sexy? All these questions and more are answered in Lust and Desire in Vegas High Stakes. Vegas High Stakes has all the substance of Showgirls, all the black humor of Very Bad Things, all the madcap mayhem of Ocean’s Eleven and all the sexy energy of a late-night Skinimax romp!
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   (2004 )      Rating: M      Run Time: 76 Mins
Jennifer Martyn Samantha Kastler Philip Rivero Chuck Agonzio Don Hart
Doug Shepard Steve Hatcher Kimberly Killgore Westin Chase Chaz Chase
Video Lust and Desire In Vegas: High Stakes

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