Ultimate Avengers
In 1945, Captain America, U.S. soldier created with a Super-Soldier Serum, is fighting the Nazis during World War II, and after averting a nuclear disaster, he falls into the icy waters of the North Atlantic, and frozen in suspended animation, only to be revived in the twenty-first century by the American military, who are hoping that they can recreate the serum in Captain America's blood in order to create more super-soldiers. But now, with the world facing the very same evil, Captain America must rise again as our last hope of survival, and lead a strong-willed team of today's superheroes.
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   (2006 )      Rating: PG-13      Run Time: 72 Mins
Justin Gross Grey Griffin Michael Massee Olivia d'Abo Marc Worden
Nan McNamara Nolan North Andre Ware David Boat Fred Tatasciore
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