Nightmare at the End of the Hall
At the Douglas Academy Boarding School, Courtney Snow and Jane Halloran are best friends and Jane is in love with her classmate Brett, who is the son of the Headmaster Ian Ramsey. Jane goes to Cambridge and when she returns, she goes missing at school. Courtney and Ian seek her out and they discover that she committed suicide in a store and her journal is never found. Seventeen years later, Courtney Snow has become a famous writer with the novel she wrote based on Jane and she is invited to teach at Douglas. She accepts the invitation but when she sees the wealthy student Laurel McAvoy, she realizes that Laurel resembles Jane. Soon Courtney believes that Laurel is actually the reincarnation of Jane.
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   (2008 )      Rating: UnRated      Run Time: 90 Mins
Sara Rue Duncan Regehr Kavan Smith Jacqueline MacInnes Wood Amber Borycki
Sebastian Gacki Adam Pateman Duane Keogh Matthew McLellan Peter Huck
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