The Yardsale
This urban comedy is a one-day window into the commotion surrounding the engagement of Hector Cruz, a down on his luck twenty eight year old trapped in the conventionalism of the ghetto life. The troubles begin when Hector's best friend, Peanut, a three hundred pound virgin accidentally damages the engagement ring, spiraling Hector into a desperate situation. Money is needed so Hector and friends set up a yardsale on a Tuesday afternoon. Frustration erupts when the ugly face of an ultimatum surfaces from Iris, Hector's self centered, gold digging bride to be. She demands that he propose to her by the end of the day or else the relationship is over. More romantic stress inconveniently follows when Carmen, a childhood friend of Hector's, arrives, unlocking their untapped feelings for one another. Mayhem continues as Iris' ex-boyfriend, Chuy, a hobbit sized, dimwitted thug plots to destroy Hector's engagement, which only adds to the misfortunes already occurring at the yardsale. Hector's ...
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   (2006 )      Rating: UnRated      Run Time: 90 Mins
Demetrius Navarro Erlinda Navarro Jon Huertas Aris Alvarado Jessica Avila
Noah Bernardo Jr. Junior Chavez Lorraine Cruz Silvia Curiel Roberto 'Lil Rob' Flores
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