Dead and Deader
Lt. Bobby Quinn is a Special Forces commando killed during a recon mission in the Cambodian jungle. But when Quinn interrupts his own stateside autopsy, he discovers that the rest of his dead squad has been resurrected with a ravenous apetite for human flesh. Now with the help of a wisecracking cook and a sexy film geek, the part-zombie Quinn must stop the plague before it can infect the entire nation. Who holds the shocking secret behind this blood-crazed carnage? And what happens when Quinn stops gnawing on raw steak and starts chomping on the hot chick?
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   (2006 )      Rating: R      Run Time: 89 Mins
John Billingsley Dean Cain Colleen Camp Greg Collins Ellie Cornell
Affion Crockett Esteban Cueto Peter Greene Natassia Malthe Jamie Kaler
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